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December 15, 1997, San Francisco, CA Acclaimed Seattle playwright and author, Nick DiMartino, is on his way to international stardom. His original theatre adaptation of Frankenstein was selected by Globalstage Productions of San Francisco to be released nationally on home video this month. Filmed by the BBC and presented by Louisvilles Stage One Theatre, Frankenstein is the first play in Globalstages 1998 subscription series of live international childrens theatre.

Globalstage founder and president, Lizbeth Pratt, selected DiMartinos Frankenstein after hearing of his extensive repertoire of exceptional childrens plays. "When I saw Frankenstein in person, I was quite bowled over. This is just the kind of childrens theatre for which were looking: exciting special effects, innovative set design, and thought-provoking subject matter," says Pratt.

Unlike many childrens playwrights, Nick DiMartino specifically writes his plays as family theatre, speaking to and enlightening various age levels. Frequently citing Shakespearean drama, he admires that Shakespeare wrote plays for diverse audiences, interest levels, and ages, a practice he calls "generosity" and mimics in his own work. DiMartino laments that "most people view childrens theatre as a kind of dramatic ghetto, like musicals. Yet Shakespeare, the great adapter, always chose themes and stories that people knew or were fascinated by -- and they have lived on to this day."

A Seattle native and graduate of the University of Washington, DiMartino grew up watching the Empty Space Theatre perform free shows every weekend in Volunteer Park. He now delights that "the joy of doing plays in my hometown is that I can sit in the audience and get the best notes in the world...when people laugh or cry or react strangely I know if the plays a success or not." DiMartino likes to give each actor at least one great moment in each of his plays, allowing them to "show off their art."

In addition to his plays, Nick recently published his second novel, University Ghost Story, a supernatural mystery about a bookstore murder, currently the third bestseller at the campus bookstore. His first novel, Christmas Ghost Story sold out last year, and he is currently working on a third sequel, Seattle Ghost Story.

Globalstage videos feature commentary by Professor Elizabeth McNamer and her sidekick, Preston, a backstage tour, and a companion booklet for the play. Similar to a theatre subscription, a new video is released every two months. Forthcoming plays in the series include Stage Ones musical version of Pinocchio, a Belgian production of Cyrano, a Dutch rendition of Still, The Drummer, a Scottish favorite, A Stranger Came Ashore, and Macbeth from the Royal Lyceum Theatre in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Nick DiMartinos name appears on the cover of Globalstages video production of Frankenstein, available at the University of Washington bookstore, and via the Globalstage website, Frankenstein or the Globalstage subscription may also be ordered by calling toll free: 1.888.324.5623.