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September 25, 2000

Globalstage Productions announces the upcoming release of The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg, based on a short story by Mark Twain. Globalstage produces an acclaimed series of videos of quality theatrical performances for kids ages seven and up and their families. The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg is Globalstage's first show that is entirely produced, directed and edited by Globalstage.

The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg is a hilarious look at life in a small town where people consider themselves above reproach - at least, until a stranger and a bag of gold appear in town. Farcical and witty, Twain's story entertains, but also gently pokes fun at pretensions, stimulating us to think about integrity, greed, and human corruptibility.

The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg is performed by the Perskey Ridge Players in Glasgow, Montana, and shot on location. It will be the eighth video in the Globalstage series for families, which includes Pinocchio, Frankenstein, Cyrano, Far From the Madding Crowd, Playing From the Heart, Island of Dr. Moreau and The Three Musketeers. The videos are hosted by Professor Elizabeth McNamer and her young charge, 14-year-old Preston Blakeley. Their enthusiasm, The Chicago Tribune explains, "soon becomes infectious."

"It's hard to overstate the value of the Globalstage series of plays," according to Scripps Howard Wire Service. The Los Angeles Times describes the tapes as "prize finds" and Publishers Weekly has given three of them starred reviews. They have also won numerous awards including Sesame Street Parents' Best Video for Ages 7-9 1998 (Pinocchio) and American Library Association/Booklist's Editors' Choice, Best Videos 1999 (Playing from the Heart).

The videos are available for purchase at 1 (888) 324-5623, for $27 each or six for $135. They are also in many libraries across the country, have been broadcast on PBS, and will soon be in Hollywood Video rental stores across the country.

Lizbeth Pratt founded Globalstage in 1997 when she realized what a dearth in entertainment options there was for her young son. "At a time when the entertainment industry is being so closely scrutinized for its negative influence on kids, I am proud to offer an alternative that is not violent and does not talk down to kids."

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