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Kid Vids, by Marupong Chuludul
February 2000

Another gem from Globalstage is a "child friendly" interpretation of the classic French Edmond Rostand play Cyrano De Bergerac, first performed in 1897. This masterful production takes place in Antwerp, Belgium. With text by Jo Roets, this performance differs from the others in that we see an almost bare set with the backstage fully exposed and the three principals dressed in modern clothing, as if in rehearsal. The three actors also provide their own sound effects. A smart approach for young kids, who can be curious to see how a live performance works behind the scenes.

The story focuses on our tragic hero, who is madly in love with the beautiful Roxanne. But he is too shy and deems himself too ugly (he has a big nose) for her. Cyrano is a highly accomplished man but his insecurities leave him emotionally weak. He is also a man of great words but cannot convey them to any woman. Enter Christian, a good friend to Cyrano and very good looking. Together, they help each other win over Roxanne.

Most of us know this story. But see this wonderful production with your kids and be ready for some Q&A. Definitely worth the time.