September, 1998

Vid Kid Stage and Screen by Trish O'Brien.
Globalstage Productions presents productions from around the world, each filmed by the BBC and introduced by professor Elizabeth McNamer, who discusses the history of both the play and the location with her nephew, Preston. Although the introductions may be too slow-paced for younger viewers, they are rich with interesting facts. In the case of Cyrano, filmed in Antwerp, Belgium, the introduction to the classic tale of love, misunderstanding and a prominent proboscis is followed by the curious introduction of the three-person troupe who play every role and provide sound effects and more in this stark but riveting performance. Children will need to engage their imaginations as the talented and energetic actors bounce through characters and scenes with little accoutrement. A great video for budding thespians interested in the art of acting. (Globastage, 100 mins., $27. To become a member and receive 6 new videos a year, a subscription price of $135 includes all six, plus $3.95 per video for shipping. 888-324-5623.)