Dan & Donna Gephart

November 2001

"Yeah right, I thought. My kids (ages 6 and 8) are going to sit through a play adapted from a Leo Tolstoy short story. My suspicions proved correct as the kids yawned, talked and generally ignored the short discussion of the Russian writer's life that kicks off the video. But then the play started. And the kids paid attention. The 42- minute video is sharply produced and well-acted. It's a poignant tale that offers a clear lesson on greed. And it's done with the kind of humor that makes it easy for kids to go along for the ride. A former sharecropper named Buck seems to have it all -- money, success and a loving wife. But every time he hears that somebody has it better, he becomes dissatisfied. His relentless search for more eventually leads to his own undoing. This production shot against a backdrop of the Montana prairie, is clearly one of the most impressive I've seen this year. It's a must for children six years and older."