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Compilation of Reviews of The Island of Dr. Moreau

Los Angeles Times "[This] splendid production [is] a prize find, [one of the] best to date ... a dynamic production ... of H.G. Wells' haunting horror tale ... terrific cast ... literate taut script ... demands that we consider questions about theology, morality and humanity. Where is the line between beast and man, god and man? Riveting stuff ... "

Orange County Register "Here is an easy, inexpensive way to get your kids interested in theater ... Globalstage makes high quality and attractive video versions of children's theater productions. I ... was wowed by [the] quality and kid friendliness. Rather than plant a camera in the center of the audience (the dreaded "archival" effect), Globalstage approaches its subjects cinematically, with active camera work and imaginative editing."

Scripps Howard Wire Service "The hits just keep comin' from Globalstage ... Judging by my five year old daughter's engrossment in these productions, the subject matter is no problem. The acting is impeccable. It would have to be to draw her in ... When the megalomaniacal Moreau (Nolan Palmer) delivers monologues about playing God and defends his experiments that have resulted in the transformation of animals into "humans," you might expect young kids to run screaming or at least nod off. But it's too riveting. Palmer's is such a commanding performance that you never question his ability to convince his subjects that they've always been human. For older kids, say 10 & up, who have an appreciation for science fiction that goes deeper than special-effects worship, this production ... is an irresistible package. Same goes for us really old kids. GRADE A.

Publishers Weekly, Starred for Excellence "H.G.Wells' 1896 novel makes a fine transition (worlds away from the ghastly feature film) to stage in this production ...The excellent company of actors vividly recreates Wells' tropical island drama ...Weighty issues -- what differentiates humans from beasts, nature vs. nurture and Darwinism vs. religion or creationism quickly jump to the foreground."

Dallas Morning News *** " ... challenging theatre for children [who are] mature and curious enough to explore the classics in a dramatic, interpretive way."

San Francisco Magazine, Cultural Hot List. "San Francisco's Globalstage ... [begins] with the assumption that kids can think while they're having fun. Like all its videos, its most recent production, The Island of Dr. Moreau, includes a discussion between a professor and a young boy, who introduce the play's main themes -- in this case, science's ethical responsibilities and what it means to be human - as they ride the ferry into Puget Sound on their way to the Taproot Theatre."

School Library Journal "[An] excellent video. The current debate regarding bioengineering [will add] to the potential for discussion and will increase the video's usefulness for high school humanities classes."

Video Librarian "[This interpretation of] science running roughshod over ethics offers a compelling sci-fi fable that ... seems remarkably timely and morally cutting-edge. Sure to provoke excellent discussions, and is definitely recommended."

Booklist "Ages 10-adult ... This stage adaptation ... of H. G. Wells' science fiction novel is exceedingly well done ... The conflict between civilized behavior and basic instincts results in tragedy and an unexpected twist. The small but superbly talented cast who rely on minimal props carry the tale. Direct camera angles focus on the main action and black-outs between scenes enhance the production's usefulness for classroom discussion... This excellent production is a show-stopping addition to public library and school literature/theatre video collection."

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