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January, 2001
"The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg"

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(2000) 42 min. $27. Globalstage Productions. PPR. Closed Captioned. ISBN: 1-892045-09-5).

Mark Twain's famous short story is brought to life in this first-rate adaptation performed by the Persky Ridge Players and filmed on location in Glasgow, Montana. Just weeks before the council of Hadleyburg is to erect a plaque celebrating its "Most Incorruptible Award" status, a sack of gold coins is left on the city hall steps. A note attached to the bag claims that the gold is a reward for the man who gave a needy stranger $20. To claim the money, the donor must recall his exact words (that match the words found inside the bag). As townspeople plot to guess the phrase, a French trader offers temptation in the form of a solution. In a format similar to The Three Musketeers hosts Elizabeth McNamer and her young friend, Preston, introduce the drama with a brief discussion on Mark Twain's life and the concept of satire and share some closing thoughts on integrity at the end of the video. Exaggerated costumes, wry sets, and tongue-in-cheek characters convey Twain's biting satire while still driving home massages of honesty and hypocrisy. With excellent technical qualities, a reasonable price tag, and Twain's perennial popularity, this fine production is a prime selection for school and public library collections. -- Candace Smith

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