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I may have discovered the best kid vids since my review job with this magazine. Globalstage produces videos of plays from classic literary works that have been designed for children ages 7-14- but younger (and older) ones can enjoy them, too. The idea was started by a frustrated mother, Libby Pratt, who found today's television to be mediocre. She and her son, Preston, now roam the globe seeking out the theatrical performances of classic works that we are familiar with. And with the help of her crew of very creative technicians, the performances are filmed and distributed for the masses to enjoy. And this one is a personal favorite of mine.

Yes, the Disney version, of course, will always have a special place in my heart. But I.m sure you and your kids have seen this animated production a million times! So how about a change of pace? This production is more faithful to the original Italian novel by Carlo Collodi. The team of actors performing this piece in an exaggerated and colorful manner typical of sixteenth century Renaissance was discovered in Louisville, Kentucky. And what a beautiful production it is, with colorful costumes and dazzling sets.
The story teaches us the importance of love, honor, truth, and responsibility. These are abstract concepts to kids to be sure, but with adult supervision parents can explain to their kids what it all means.