Video Business
June 29, 1998

What a great idea: Search the world for the very best in English-language childrens theater, then videotape it, package it and market it to parents looking for high-quality kidvid entertainment. If this production of Pinocchio (presented by Kentuckys Stage One Childrens Theatre) is any indication, Globalstage has hit upon a truly unique and innovative approach to childrens programming. Taped before an audience of enthusiastic children, Pinocchio is mounted in the commedia dell'arte tradition of classic stock characters and situations, enhanced by imaginative costumes, scenery, and fun, memorable songs. Although its a play, Pinocchio is edited like a film, using close-ups and camera angles not normally seen in videotaped stage productions. It also comes packaged with an activity booklet designed to help kids understand the deeper meanings of the play.