Pinocchio history and information

The real Italian Pinocchio home page - produced by the Carlo Collodi National Foundation.

The story of Pinocchio & Carlo Collodi

Commedia dell'Arte

A Bibliography of Commedia dell'Arte, Music Hall, Panto and Others - an annotated and highly-biased listing of commedia, music hall, panto, and other texts--some in print, others available via used-book sources, still others likely only accessible through your local library.

Commedia dell'Arte - Includes history of Commedia dell'Arte, characters and scenarios.

The Art of Masks

Mask Making Activity from the Berkeley Art Museum - Website that includes a variety of resources on all types of masks. - Includes paper-mache recipe and books for mask making.


Risorgimento and Italian Unification from the Windows on Italy website. The site also includes lots of great information on the history and culture of Italy.

Toys / merchandise

Menicucci doll shop in Florence, Italy - Specializes in Pinocchio wooden puppets.