In an age when eloquence determined a man's valor,
Cyrano takes place as a hilarious comedy about an unusual duel for a woman's love.

Cyrano, a hopeless romantic and virtuoso poet, possesses an irregularly large nose. He falls in love with his niece, the beautiful and charming Roxane, but is afraid to declare his love for her because of his physical features. Roxane thinks she is in love with a young, valiant lad, Christian. Although very handsome, Christian does not dare approach Roxane because he is neither able to express himself romantically nor intellectually.

In order to help Christian win Roxane's respect, the two heroes conspire in a crazy scheme. While Cyrano hides behind a tree, he speaks for Christian to make it appear that Christian is actually professing his true love. Roxane falls in love with the poetry, not realizing the voice is that of the romantic and gifted Cyrano. The result is a ridiculous mix-up that eventually leads to the real poet's romantic victory.

Based on Edmond Rostand's classic, Cyrano de Bergerac, this new play is presented by three amazingly talented actors, who play many parts, perform zany theatre tricks, and perform all the unique sound effects themselves. A wonderful look inside the world of European theatre that you'll only get through Globalstage. This video also focuses on the culture and history of the beautiful city of Antwerp.

100 minutes
Performed in English by Blauw Vier, Antwerp, Belgium
ISBN 1-892045-02-8
Available in NTSC and PAL format.