Based on a short story by Mark Twain.

Take a madcap trip to the quaint village of Hadleyburg. The citizens are a bit wacky, but they're also the most honest people in the state -- perhaps in the entire country. That is, until a stranger comes to town with a trick and a raccoon up his sleeve.

This crazed classic is based on a short story by one of America's most beloved writers, Mark Twain. Farcical and witty, it will entertain everyone in your family, while gently making fun of pretensions and stimulating you to think about honesty and greed. A wonderfully engaging, fun show for the whole family.

Shot on location in Montana, The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg is entirely produced, directed and edited by Globalstage. It is the eighth video in the Globalstage series for families.

Running Time: 42 Minutes
Closed Captioned by the National Captioning Institute
Color. Stereo. Digital Video Transfer.