Dreams can come true, especially if you are a determined young girl like Evelyn Glennie&
Growing up on her family's farm in Aberdeen, Scotland, with her loving parents and playful brothers, life is good for 8 year old Evelyn. Things change when Evelyn begins losing her hearing. Evelyn wishes she could become a musician, but because of her deafness she is discouraged from chasing the seemingly impossible dream.

Because of Evelyn's strong will, her love of music, and the support of a few faithful people, she overcomes the incredible odds. She proves that being deaf doesn't preclude you from being a musician and a great one at that.

This original production is based on the true story of world-renowned solo-percussionist Evelyn Glennie's childhood. It includes a brief look at London and an interview with Evelyn Glennie.

Playing From The Heart
Directed by Vicky Ireland
Written by Charles Way
Performed by Polka Theatre for Children, Wimbledon, England
98 minutes/color/stereo/wide screen
Closed captioning by National Captioning Institute.
ISBN 1-892045-04-4

Awarded Best Videos of 1999, by American Library Association's Booklist.