Dumas' swashbuckling classic is brought to life by Northwest Children's Theatre in Portland
, Oregon. Set in seventeenth centruy France, the action follows the daring adventures of young d'Artagnan who makes his way to Paris in order to join the famed king's guards, the Musketeers. The four are quickly entangled in a dangerous attempt to foil a sinister plot engineered by their nemesis Cardinal Richelieu to ruin the queen of France. Action packed scenes, precise choreography and lush costuming add to the madcap extravaganza. Hosted by Professor Elizabeth also includes a lesson in the art of stage fighting and a fun booklet about the time period and other related issues. It will challenge the mind and delight the senses of everyone in the family.

The Three Musketeers
145 minutes
Closed Captioned by the National Captioning Institute
Performed by Northwest Children's Theatre, Portland, OR, USA
ISBN 1-892045-06-0

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