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Libby Pratt Libby Pratt
President and CEO

Libby was raised on a farm in Ohio and later an isolated rural town in Montana. Culturally deprived as a child, "we were 250 miles away from the nearest fast food restaurant that has a clown as its mascot," she now tries to make up for lost time by frequent attendance at theatres, the symphony, and travel to world capitals to visit museums. Her favorite activity is reading books.
Craig Resnick Craig Resnick

Craig is an options trader on the floor of the Pacific Stock Exchange and serves as a governor on the Exchange's Board of Directors. Stepfather of Preston, husband of Libby, he has his hands full. He's a wonderful guy who doesn't mind too much when they are away in foreign countries for weeks at a time, searching for plays. Craig graduated class of '76 from Yale University
Elizabeth McNamer Elizabeth McNamer
Video Host

Well known speaker, author, and educator, Dr. Elizabeth McNamer, is a professor at Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Montana. Her weekly radio program, Tea and Poetry, is now in its eleventh year on public radio. She has video and audio tapes on a variety of subjects in international circulation and particularly enjoys reading and interpreting great literature for children. In addition to being the mother of five children (all of whom have graduated from Harvard), she serves on the board of directors of the Bethsaida Excavations Project in Israel and leads volunteer expeditions there every year.
Preston Blakeley Preston Blakeley
Video Host

Preston gives the final "green light" to all the plays we send you and stars as the co-host in them. A seventh-grader at Alice Fong Yu Middle School in San Francisco, Preston studies Chinese and enjoys traveling to the countries where Globalstage films. He spent this summer in Montana skate boarding, roller blading, playing golf, learning to scuba dive, and hanging out with friends. Preston also likes to draw and watch Japanamation cartoons like "Dragon Ball Z." Coincidentally, hes the boy in our logo, with his Grandma Eleanors bulldog, "Squeak."
Maritoni Tabora Maritoni Tabora
Director of Product Development

Born and raised in the Cleveland area, Toni most recently lived in Chicago and gained a wealth of experience - the Museum of Contemporary Art, an alternative paper the Chicago Reader, Chicagos famed improv scene and the Blizzard of 94. Toni is very happy now living in San Francisco and loves to laugh, travel, eat, read, write, improvise, dance, attend various arts events and enjoy the outdoors. She enjoys singing, much to the dismay of anyone in earshot. Her heroes are Dad, Mom and brothers Eric and Mark, for their never-ending inspiration, love and laughter.
Robert Knapp, Jr. Robert Knapp, Jr.
Director of Sales

Robert was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. He attended Louisiana State University; first as an English major then as a theatre major. He eventually graduated from San Francisco State University with degrees in Accounting and Finance. Robert first met Libby and Craig while working on the options floor of the Pacific Exchange and came to GLOBALSTAGE after a tour of the U.S. helping manage a popular alternative rock band. Besides a love for theatre, music, poetry/short stories, and the outdoors he feels that it is his purpose to keep the office a little off center.

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