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Hollywood Video to Rent Globalstage Theatre Adventures

Globalstage Productions announces that it has recently completed a sizeable sale of videos to Hollywood Video, one of the largest video rental chains in the United States. This transaction represents a new milestone for Globalstage as it makes a breakthrough into a major U.S. video rental network. "It's thrilling for us to know that families all over the country will have easy access to Globalstage Theatre Adventures," said Globalstage founder and CEO Lizbeth Pratt.

Pinocchio and Frankenstein, and possibly other Globalstage titles, will be available at 1,600 Hollywood Video locations across the country.

Globalstage produces videos of live theatre for families, performed around the world in English. The mission of Globalstage is to provide challenging, fun, quality entertainment for families.

Program Descriptions

Ignoring his father's wishes for him to go to school, Pinocchio follows his selfish desires ... and ends up on a dangerous journey, tormented by tricksters, bandits, and hoodlums. Pinocchio is much more than a story about a puppet who tells too many lies. The story examines themes of unconditional love, the importance of education, and how we determine right from wrong. Performed in the style of commedia dell' arte, the colorful sets and costumes take the viewer back to Renaissance, Italy with original songs, dancing, and creative staging. Based on the story by Carlo Collodi. Performed by Stage One of Louisville, Kentucky. Adapted for stage by Moses Goldberg, with original songs by Scott Kasbaum. Won Sesame Street Parents' Best Video 1998, for Kids Ages 7-9. From Video Librarian: "Excellent acting, solid songs, vibrant costuming and smart camerawork make this version of the beloved story... a genuine winner."

Victor Frankenstein is a man with a mission: to discover the secret of eternal life. Blinded by scientific ambition, he gives life to a monster - and then must face the evil consequences of his out-of-control experiment. A horror story with a conscience, Frankenstein frightens while also raising questions about scientific ethics and responsibility.

Based on Mary Shelley's classic novel. Performed by the renowned children's theatre, Stage One of Louisville, Kentucky. Masterful direction combines with an accomplished cast, vivid period costumes, and an innovative set. From Video Librarian: three and a half stars, "...this entertaining and thought provoking stage adaptation is highly recommended for younger viewers."