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Globalstage Family Theatre Adventures Broadcast on PBS

October 14,1999 - Globalstage Productions announces that its video series of live theatre for families will be broadcast on a one time basis on over forty-five public television markets across the country, including in the largest markets in New York City and Chicago. With the cost of live theatre tickets in the range of $200 or more for a family of five, Globalstage aims to make the joys of live theatre available to everyone.

Globalstage travels the world looking for the best innovative, professional live theatre from Europe, Great Britain and North America. Globalstage plays are cross-generational in their appeal, enjoyed by kids ages seven and older with their parents and grandparents. Each program is hosted by Irish native and distinguished Professor Elizabeth McNamer, and her thirteen year old sidekick Preston Blakeley.

Critics from publications as diverse as The Chicago Tribune to Video Librarian to Parenting for High Potential have raved about Globalstage Productions. Paul Hodgins at the Orange County Register said he was "wowed by [the] quality and kid-friendliness" and explained that "Rather than plant a camera in the center of the audience (the dreaded "archival" effect), Globalstage approaches its subject cinematically, with active camera work and imaginative editing." Publishers Weekly, Booklist and others have given Globalstage featured "starred" reviews. Doug Wagner of Scripps Howard News Service descibed his five year old daughter as "mesmerized" by the "impeccable acting" and said that both he and she found the plays "riveting." He explains "Besides entertaining and spreading wisdom to kids in a broad age range...these productions turn them on to the possibility of a life in the theatre."

The stations are scheduling the productions in different sequences and at different times. Many have Frankenstein at Halloween, Pinocchio at Thanksgiving, and the others, during the December holidays.

For more information, or to arrange interviews, call Becca Britton at Globalstage. 415 217 5800, x 222.