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March 1, 1998, San Francisco, CA -- Globalstage Productions, Inc. announces the completion of its second video, Pinocchio. The tape is a lively sequel to the companys first video offering of great childrens theatre performances. The video was filmed on location by the BBC at Louisvilles Stage One Childrens Theatre the last week of December. Editing was completed in London this week. Pinocchio will be released March 10, 1998.

Globalstages video host, Professor Elizabeth McNamer, and her sidekick, eleven-year-old Preston introduce the play by taking young viewers on a walk through downtown Louisville. While on their way to the theatre, they discuss the historical and cultural significance of Pinocchio. The story is usually thought of as a simple childs fairy tale, but McNamer points out that Carlo Collodis tale of the wooden puppet who turns into a real boy, has survived constant retelling and repackaging during the past 100 years, because it touches so many different emotional nerves for readers and viewers of the play. Questions such as "what does it mean to be human?" are discussed by the Professor and Preston along with the significance of the 19th century innovation of public schools.

The playwright and director, Moses Goldberg, specifically created this musical adaptation of Pinocchio to showcase the Commedia dellarte style of Italian theatre by utilizing vibrant sets, colorful costumes, and original music by Scott Kasbaum.

Before selecting Pinocchio, Globalstage founder, Lizbeth Pratt said, "I did not want to produce another version of Pinocchio. I had never seen a version that interested me as a child. So, I thought it wouldnt fit our criteria of being representative of exciting, thought-provoking international theatre. But when my son and I viewed it, we adored the play &and were singing the songs for weeks afterwards. I believe its the one Pinocchio that kids and adults will both enjoy."

After Professor McNamer and Preston watch the play, they analyze the performance, and encourage the viewer to join them in the art of critical thinking. Globalstage videos always focus on a behind-the-scenes aspect of each play, and in Pinocchio, this segment is an interview with Goldberg and Kasbaum about their collaboration as lyricist and composer.

Globalstage offers its videos through a years subscription of six plays with one video being released every two months. The company released its first video Frankenstein, in December 1997. Beginning this May, the videos will also be available through the Book of the Month Club childrens catalog. Upcoming productions include Cyrano, A Stranger Came Ashore, and Macbeth. Videos can be ordered by calling Globalstage at 1.888.32.GLOBE, or by visiting their secure website at