Dallas Morning News
September 14, 1998.
KIDS' VIDEOS by Nancy Churnin

&Another commendable series, Global Stage, is offering a new installment, Blauw Vier's English production of Cyrano, filmed by the BBC in Antwerp, Belgium. Global Stage's mission is to travel the world, filming the best children's theater productions. And it does just that with Cyrano. Don't be deterred by the scholarly introduction. And keep in mind that this is not a flashy production. The sets and costumes are stark and contemporary. Cyrano's nose is long, but not amusingly cartoonish as in Steve Martin's popular Roxanne. Cyrano slowly builds its character study of a man who helps another woo the woman he himself loves, because he is sure he is too ugly to be desirable. And as in the best of theater, the magic of the performances soon takes over and the actors draw you into the urgency of Jo Roets' sensitive script. Global Stage [sic] is the next best thing to being there.

Nancy Churnin is a Dallas-area free-lance writer.
(Cyrano $27, Global Stage, 1-888-324-5623 (100 minutes)