American Library Association/Booklist:

"A showstopping addition to public library and school literature/theatre collections."

"Editors' Choice: Best Videos of 1999:
Globalstage's Playing from the Heart."

Booklist published reviews of 500 videos in 1999, and chose to include only 17 in Editors' Choice.

Teach Magazine:

"This innovative company stages serious plays especially for kids...Premiere children's theatre companies from around the world are employed."

Curriculum Administrator:

"It is easy to see the benefits of watching live stage productions, but many school districts simply don't have the access or resources to see many plays. Globalstage Productions ( offers one good solution...."

"Rick De Spain, a drama and literature teacher at Landon Middle School ... has found the videos a useful tool in his classes and has incorporated all of the titles into his teaching. "What I particularly like about Globalstage is that it gives the students the opportunity to see live stage presentations, he says.... De Spain [also] likes the introductions, which keep his students focused on certain themes and they watch the video..."

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio:

* Best Videos Award (1999)
* 1999 SNAP Award, for Toys for Ordinary Kids with Special Needs.

School Show Resources:

"Although aimed at the family market, there is no doubt that the videos can be of use to the Drama teacher (and the English teacher, for that matter) and, in particular, to those who are trying to introduce kids to theatre without the easy availability of first class performances, or the money to afford them."

National Education Association Today:

"Bravo! As an introduction to the literary classic or as a model for school plays... [The videos] combine excellent acting, elegant costuming, and pertinent commentary."

Our Children, National Parent Teacher Association Magazine:

"Some children and youth don't have the opportunity to see live theatre. That's why Globalstage Productions creates videotapes of live children's theatre productions in the United States and abroad... [Followed by positive review.]"

Christian School Administrator:

"Based on the inspiring story of Evelyn Glennie, the world-renowned solo percussionist, Playing from the Heart tells the story of her childhood. At the age of eight Glennie began to lose her hearing, and by the age of 12, she was profoundly deaf. The play presents a young and precocious Glennie who dreams of becoming a musician, despite her increasing deafness and the skepticism of those around her."

Elementary School Library Collection:

"Inspirational play based on the life of Evelyn Glennie who became totally deaf
as a child. Describes her determination and the numerous tests that she had to undergo. Her amazing achievements as a percussionist and her family's great devotion are depicted."

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School Library Journal:

"[Cyrano] succeeds not only as entertainment but also as an exploration of basic questions such as 'How important is physical appearance?' and 'How powerful are words'....Useful for acting classes of all ages as it demonstrates that good theatre can be created out of virtually nothing when the powers of the imagination are unleashed."

"This well-done presentation...of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein will be most useful in middle school literature and science classes."

"The current debate regarding bio-engineering adds to the potential for discussion and will increase [The Island of Dr. Moreau's] usefulness for high school humanities classes."

Home Education Magazine:

"The next best thing to a real-live play ...Each evokes not only a wonderful dramatic performance, but a discussion of the issues the play addresses, historical background information, and visits with actors, playwrights, and composers."

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