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Los Angeles Family:

"I may have discovered the best kid vids since my review job with this magazine. Globalstage produces videos of plays from classic works that have been designed for children ages 7-14-but younger (and older) ones can enjoy them too. The idea was started by a frustrated mother, Libby Pratt, who found today's television to be mediocre. She and her son Preston now roam the globe seeking out theatrical performances of classic works [with which] we are familiar. And with the help of her crew of very creative technicians, the performances are filmed and distributed for the masses to enjoy. And this one [Pinocchio] is a personal favorite of mine. Yes, the Disney version, of course, will always have a special place in my heart, but I'm sure you and your kids have seen the animated version a million times. So how about a change of pace? This production is more faithful to the original Italian novel by Carlo Collodi. The team of actors performing this piece in an exaggerated a colorful manner typical of sixteenth century Renaissance was discovered in Louisville, Kentucky. And what a beautiful production it is with colorful costumes and dazzling sets.... The story teaches us the importance of love, honor, truth and responsibility. These are abstract concepts for kids, to be sure, but with adult supervision parents can explain to their kids what it all means."

Sesame Street Parents:

Best Video for 1998,
Ages 7-9: Pinocchio.

SF Peninsula Parent

"Wouldn't it be nice if your kids passed up a Saturday morning cartoon in favor of some high quality children's theatre? Globalstage Productions, based in San Francisco, is devoted to producing videos of comedy, drama, science fiction and musical performances by some of the world's best children's theatre companies... exposure to theatre [also] improves children's performance in the classroom."

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Family Fun:

"[Frankenstein is] an inaugural release ...of a video series designed to capture the best children's theatre around the world. Frankenstein hails from Stage One, the Louisville, Kentucky company, and it's an intelligent and fairly faithful interpretation of the Mary Shelley novel...Deploying an adept BBC video team, Globalstage catches the thrill of a live performance."

Parenting for High Potential:

"What do you do when you live in a small town without a local theater that puts on quality stage productions? ... Globalstage, a company founded by a mother looking for quality entertainment for her son, [produces videos of live theatre for kids]...all offering lively and engaging acting and imaginative staging...

[One production] the world premiere of Playing from the Heart, chronicles the story of Evelyn Glennie, a percussionist who is deaf and her struggle to become a world-class musician. Each video comes with a guidebook that includes background information as well as themes to look for and think about while watching the play."

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio:

For Playing from the Heart

* Best Videos Award (1999)
* 1999 SNAP Award, for Toys for Ordinary Kids with Special Needs.

Family Life:

"This adaptation of H.G. Wells's story [Island of Dr. Moreau], nicely performed by Seattle's Taproot Theatre, is one in a series of videotaped theatrical productions put out by Globalstage. British biologist Edward Prendick is, as he puts it, on a journey of self-discovery. He discovers a good bit more when he's shipwrecked and stranded on a Pacific Island that serves as a laboratory of a mad scientist...Will give young viewers plenty to ponder."

"If the productions sound a bit heady for a kid-sized attention span, take a cue from my seven year old who fidgeted a bit but stayed with [Frankenstein] to the end. He even said he 'really liked the old lady" and the pre and post play commentary. Given his valuable endorsement, I feel confident recommending Frankenstein as an intelligent and entertaining addition to your child's library of video picks..."

Parenting Magazine:

"[Kids who watch Globalstage's Far from the Madding Crowd] -- particularly children interested in theatre -- will be richly rewarded. Four young actors, who play a total of nine roles, demonstrate protean skills through a range of dialects and characterizations, in what turns out to be a galvanizing production of the Thomas Hardy novel. The cast captures all the drama and passion of the story about a young woman pursued by three very different men. GRADE: A"

Parents' Choice:

* Gold Award for Pinocchio

"Children and their parents will be caught up in the adventures of the wooden boy/puppet presented as a live musical production with original music. The talented actors, the clever sets, the intimate staging, all combine to capture and hold the attention of viewers who are old enough to relate to the length and fullness of the story. After all, Pinocchio must contend with con artists, robbers, his transformation into a donkey, and his adventures inside a giant fish. He is endearing because he is "so human." The filming is so expertly done that one can smell the greasepaint...

Children's theater is alive and well!

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