Video Librarian
September/October, 1998. p.17
J. Reed
(1997) 90 min. (study guide included). Globalstage Productions. PPR Color cover.

Professor Elizabeth McNamer and her young sidekick Preston Blakeley attend the Kentucky Center for the Arts for a live theatre production of the famous Mary Shelley classic. Told from the viewpoint of the independent young woman who loves him, Frankenstein is the story of a medical student, Victor Frankenstein, whose scientific experiences with creating life result in death and destruction when the monster he fashions terrorizes friends and family. No gory special effects here; our monster is in many respects a gentle giant whose menacing ways are softened by some comic capers. After the curtain calls, Preston and Professor McNamer talk about the ethics of scientific experimentation and human relationships. Successfully capturing the ambiance of the theater experience, this entertaining and thought-provoking stage adaptation is highly recommended for younger viewers. Aud: E, I, P.