Publishers Weekly.
By Shannon Maughan
January 8, 2001
"The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg"

Mark Twain's short story is the inspiration for the latest entry in the excellent Globalstage Theatre Adventures series, which offers theater performances with special appeal to children and families. The tiny town of Hadleyburg is set to accept the "Most Incorruptible Award" from the governor, recognizing it as the most honest town in the state. The townspeople are so proud of their reputation for honesty that the town motto even reads "Lead us not into Temptation." But the residents of Hadleyburg see their virtue tested when a sack containing $40,000 in gold appears on the steps of City Hall prior to the governor's arrival. A note on the money bag says that the contents will be given to the Hadleyburg citizen who once helped a poor stranger who was passing through town. Whoever can write down the exact words uttered to that poor stranger wins the gold. The temptation proves too great for most Hadleyburgers, and a number of them try to falsely lay claim to the money. By the tape's end, both cast and audience have explored what it really means to be honest. Agile actors from Glasgow, Montana's Perskey Ridge Players approach the material with a jovial spirit, most of them taking on more than one role. Some of the wigs/makeup could be improved, but viewers will be swept up in this thought-provoking production nonetheless. Ages 7-up.