Dallas Morning News
July 6, 1998, p.5C

Children's Videos by Nancy Churnin.

&And in one of the most inspired presentations of existing material, its hard to find an idea more worthy of success than Globalstage, a company dedicated to capturing great childrens theater productions in the United States and Europe. Filmed by the BBC, its aimed at ages 7 to 14, but my 4-year-old was mesmerized by its presentation of Pinocchio from Stage Ones Childrens Theatre in Louisville, Ky.

Its a natural for classrooms, with a pedantic introduction and concluding discussion by professor Elizabeth McNamer and Preston Blakeley, the alarmingly precious, bow-tied 11-year-old son of Globalstage founder Libby Pratt. But the series, which also includes Frankenstein (also from Stage One) and Cyrano (from Blauw Vier Theatre in Antwerp, Belgium) also makes for high quality home viewing. And once the show begins, the skillful filming recalls the heights of BBCs wonderful old Masterpiece Theatre this time, crafted for kids, with enough depth for their adult companions to explore and enjoy.