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Compilation of Reviews of The Three Musketeers

Los Angeles Times Globalstage Productions still occupies a unique niche in the home video market, offering a quality series of taped national and international performances of live theatre productions for children and family audiences ... [The Three Musketeers is a] fully staged, remarkably action packed production... Dana Young is believably passionate as the youthful, fearless d'Artagnan, and Dierdra Atkinson is convincingly dangerous as Cardinal Richelieu's beautiful, cold-blooded conspirator, Lady DeWinter. Stage veteran Tobias Andersen brings notable depth to his role as the Cardinal... As always, the video is hosted by earnest young Preston Blakely, now 13, and [Professor] Elizabeth McNamer ... [who] dispenses voluminous information about the play's author, content, stagecraft and historical context.

The New York Times In a production from Globalstage of San Francisco, the classic by Alexandre Dumas is given a rousing performance by the Northwest Children's Theatre of Portland, Ore.

Publishers Weekly: Starred for Excellence. Dumas's colorful, swashbuckling classic finds fresh life in this theater production staged by the Northwest Children's Theatre in Portland, Ore. ... humor, intrigue and romance abound as d'Artagnan and the three "inseparables" -- Athos, Porthos, and Aramis -- take on a dangerous mission to save the reputation (and life) of the queen of France. A talented cast of 23 players, costumed in fine frocks of the era, works against a minimalist set, clearly relishing the language of chivalry and honor... sound effects, lighting and sword fighting help keep the drama at peak intensity throughout.... Ages 9-up.

Booklist Alexandre Dumas' swashbuckling adventure is brought to life in this fine stage adaptation performed by the Northwest Childen's Theatre Company in Portland, Oregon... good camera work and high quality sound allow viewers to feel a part of the action as they follow young d'Artagnan's adventures.... this well acted, faithful adaptation of the classic novel is an excellent way to introduce the magic of theater to family audiences. Another title in this popular series is The Island of Dr. Moreau.

Dallas Morning News Unlike the slew of movies made from the Alexandre Dumas classic, this version, presented by Globalstage Theatre Adventures, is a video of an often thrilling stage adaptation by the Northwest Children's Theatre in Portland, Ore. And it offers a young actor who kids can relate to: the appealing Dana Young, as the idealistic, honor-driven d'Artagnan, who dreams of becoming the fourth Musketeer... [Provides] a quality of language that many commercial films lack. In addition, the simplicity of the physical presentation suggests that this is a show viewers could put on, too.

Video Librarian: Three Stars. ...The cast is uniformly winning, the choreography very impressive ...and the writing sharp. An accompanying guide offers helpful background on the issues of 17th century ...

Scripps Howard Wire Service/ Rocky Mountain News Globalstage's The Three Musketeers intrigued my daughter and her dad... At the heart of [the story] lies adventure, heroics and good besting evil... To create a sense of place for a particular scene, the video camera uses close-ups of one part of the stage set, narrowing the action to a small area. Lighting and costumes - and of course stage fighting - help to keep the eye engaged. But it's the ear that receives the best performance here. The play's language is clever and amusing - especially among the Musketeers. Battles are won as much by wits and witty repartees as they are by teamwork and physical endurance. ...For parents and kids who crave a little more meat in their TV viewing, this is a fine production to chew on.

Family Fun Magazine [Twenty-three] actors parade and parry about the stage re-creating the story of Porthos, Athos, and Aramis and their conflict with the conniving Cardinal Richelieu. The sword fights are well choreographed and the acting enjoyably hammy in this bustling affair...

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