Los Angeles Times
Lynne Heffley
June 15, 2000

Ages 10 and Up.

Globalstage Productions still occupies a unique niche in the home video market, offering a quality series of taped national and international performances of live theatre productions for children and family audiences. The latest in the series was taped at the Northwest Children's Theatre in Portland, Oregon, and it's a fully staged, remarkably action packed production of Alexandre Dumas; "The Three Musketeers." David Richmond's adaptation doesn't stint in the swashbuckling department, offering sword-fighting, carousing, wenching and intrigue aplenty. Director John Monteverde serves it up in a straightforward presentation, enhanced by dynamic stage fighting choreographed by Geoffrey Alm (who also plays the villainous Rochfort). King Louis XIII is regrettably over-the-top campy, but the rest of the cast, which includes stage professionals, does a satisfying job. DanaYoung is believably passionate as the youthful, fearless d'Artagnan, and Dierdra Atkinson is convincingly dangerous as Cardinal Richelieu's beautiful, cold-blooded conspirator, Lady DeWinter. Stage veteran Tobias Andersen brings notable depth to his role as the Cardinal. As always, the video is hosted by earnest young Preston Blakely, now age 13, and Elizabeth McNamer, a learned professor, who conduct awkward conversational exchanges. And as always, McNamer, in her clipped, upper-crust English accent, with the prim delivery of a lecturing academic, dispenses voluminous information about the play's author, content, stagecraft and historical context.